RACL manufactures eco-friendly products. This applies not only to the finished products, but also to the processes used in development of the products.

The Company believes in nested approach to sustainability, where sustainable economic performance is envisaged as a vital lifeblood of the Company. It also believes in a sustainable community that is important to achieve the goals of sustainable environment. It foresees sustainability as a philosophy and way of life that has to be depicted in all the stages of its operations with transparency, be it:

  • technology
  • raw material and inventory management
  • management of money and human resources
  • management of environment or
  • any other aspects of business.

RACL has invested in a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) facility, a strategic wastewater management system that ensures there will be no discharge of industrial wastewater into the environment. The Company is treating wastewater through recycling and then recovers and reuses for industrial purpose in a cycle of closed loop resulting in no discharge. The process has other economic benefits by recovering salts and other chemical compounds.

The Company focuses on developing chemical processes that have wider focus on ecological and greener methods. With recent developments in upcycling and recycling, sustainable manufacturing is taken to a completely new level! It hosts innovations for fashion industry that can step ahead in terms of carbon footprint. RACL is consistently working towards innovative, planet-friendly solutions to reduce the impact on our planet and its resources. The team inspires to work for a better tomorrow.

Economic sustainability
Environmental sustainability