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SILURAN® is not only the family brand of RACL, but also the name for the patented technology on which it is based. The Company developed special compound with modified polyurethane and silicone combined in RUCO-PUR® SEC to form a new type of functional finish. The effect leads to hydrophilic finishing on textiles with moisture management properties.


  • sportswear especially for high end athletes
  • hosiery fabrics (socks, t-shirts, etc)

The name composed of SILicone and PolyURethANe results in the new performance SILURAN®.

High evaporation and COOL-DOWN effect

The hydrophilic effects of RUCO-PUR® SEC transport perspiration away from the skin by means of capillary effects which leaves the textile towards the body dry. In the active phase, moisture evaporates on the textile surface and not on the skin. The warmth generated in the body and hydrophilic finish on textile creates a pleasant cool effect during action.

Excellent soft-handle effects with anti-static properties

RUCO-PUR® SEC confers a hydrophilic soft handle effect in combination with good antistatic values. Especially with synthetic textiles, a wearability is created that is kind to the skin.

Easy handling keeps the finishing costs low

RUCO-PUR® SEC is easily handled, finishing can be carried out by the exhaust method or pad process.


  • imparts hydrophilic properties and high evaporation
  • provides COOLING-DOWN properties
  • develops soft handle with anti-static effects
  • achieves TOTAL-WEAR-COMFORT in combination with SILVERPLUS®
  • wash-resistant hydrophilic effects
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