the best of two worlds

Hybrids are the combination of different products and processes with the purpose of increasing or optimising the performance. RACL has developed textile function by hydrophobic | hydrophilic effects on one single fabric, which is called HYBRIDTEX®.


The effect on textile is soil and water-repellent outside and moisture-absorbing inside. It can be achieved by coating:

  • hydrophobic coating on the outside with a fluorocarbon, a fluorine-reduced or a fluorine-free BIONIC product
  • hydrophilic finish inside

  • functional wear
  • uniforms
  • trousers
  • blouses and shirts

moisture transportation in textiles re-defined

HYBRIDTEX® INVERSE is the best available moisture management system on PES shirts. The effect can be achieved by:

  • hydrophobic coating inside with a fluorine free or a fluorine reduced BIONIC product or a fluorocarbon
  • hydrophilic finish on the outside with quick drying and moisture transportation
  • underwear
  • shirts for running and cycling
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