The leading SILVER ION technology which provides hygiene, protection and freshness for textiles.

SILVERPLUS® is based on a special silver compound which has been applied to micro structured substrates by means of aqueous or coating application. It works on the triple effect mechanism where many odour-causing bacteria cannot adapt to the effect of silver ions. The silver ions with a positive charge have bacteriostatic effects.

Effect mechanism

  • blocking oxygen-transporting enzymes
  • inactivating sulphur containing proteins of the odour causing bacteria
  • locking the cell membrane


  • provides bactericidal and slightly fungicidal properties
  • imparts non-migrating and antimicrobial effects
  • maintains freshness of textiles after washing
  • does not affect the rub, perspiration or light fastness of dyeing
  • resistant to washing and dry cleaning
  • resistant to yellowing
  • resistant to higher drying temperatures
  • stable at pH 3 – 11

SILVERPLUS® registration and certifications:

BfR* registration card no.: 36541

  • registered according to the European biocide product directive in Germany:
  • FDA** approval for the active ingredient and not for the preparation

Applicable in the following areas:

  • 1CFR 175.105 adhesives
  • 21CFR 175.300 resinous coatings
  • 21CFR 176.170 aqueous and fatty foods
  • 21CFR 176.180 dry foods
  • 21CFR 177.2600 rubber
  • 21CFR 175.320 polyolefin films
  • included in the Oeko-Tex list (
  • registered on the bluesign® list
Applications in the following areas:

  • initial textile finish of hotel linen and hospital linen
  • sports articles, shoes, workwear, tropical clothing and bed linen
  • hygienic and fresh functions in membranes
  • care products for shoes

RACL proudly offers its family brand SILVERPLUS® for functional freshness with silver products. It can be used for products RUCO-BAC® AGP and RUCO-BAC® AGL used on many textile articles.

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