Stay cool with HYDROCOOL®

The intelligent Moisture Management Technology for textiles.

In recent times, increasing trend of lightweight synthetic fabrics especially in sportswear is being seen. The hydrophobic behaviour of synthetic fibres, if they are unfinished causes comfort issue while wearing and has to be offset by high-performance hydrophilic properties. HYDROCOOL® is the solution offered by RACL.

Perfect moisture transport

Textiles must be able to absorb moisture by capillary force which is also known as wicking effect.

Optimum evaporation

The easy evaporation of moisture is absorbed by the textile.

Dry and comfortable

Moist textiles on the skin feel very unpleasant. In contrast to articles made of synthetic fibres, cellulosic clothing absorb and retain moisture very well.

With HYDROCOOL®, the intelligent moisture management technology, synthetic articles are functionalised to become textiles for skin-contact that can be worn perfectly next to the skin. It leads to effective moisture management system for textiles.


  • imparts soft and cool touch to fabrics
  • avoids odour in textiles
  • optimised moisture management effects
  • optimum evaporation improves comfort
  • maintains body temperature during workouts
  • avoids risk of hypothermia


  • sportswear
  • textiles worn next to skin (examples: innerwear, hosiery and socks)
  • bed linen
  • mattress covers
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