Chemicals for workwear

RACL offers solutions for workwear to ensure safety and functionality of the user. The Company developed various solutions such as hygiene finishes, water, stain repellents and flame-retardants to ensure protection from various conditions.

Industries such as construction, healthcare, manufacturing, utility, waste disposal and water supply use workwear or protective clothing
for its employees. The main purpose is to protect themselves against the risks at work or to comply with hygiene regulations. High wear
comfort and functionality are the paramount customer requirements of workwear | protective clothing. Functional textiles make
the working day more pleasant, comfortable and safer.

RACL offers a wide range of finishing possibilities:

  • flame retardancy
  • repellency
  • water vapour permeability
  • protection against bacteria
  • moisture management
  • anti-static properties
  • UV protection
  • easy-care properties
mandatory fields