Solutions for mattress cover finishing

RACL has developed unique solutions for mattress covers to ensure good aesthetic properties along with durability. It includes various functional finishes as well as softeners with unique comfort and softness.

Mattress is a household item that plays an important part in daily life. The article has a longer lifespan and hence maintaining the functional and aesthetic properties of the mattress cover is an essential customer requirement. It is made from either woven or knitwear, while the classic mattress is made of strong jacquard fabrics or fabrics woven with shafts.

RACL offers high-performance flame retardancy, long-lasting hygienic effect and perfect moisture management. The Company also offers functional finishes such as anti-pilling, anti-slip finishes as well as binder systems and much more.

Features of high-quality mattress cover finishing


  • effective flame-retardant finish for a quiet sleep
  • wash-resistant flame retardancy for washable covers
  • high performance flame-retardant finishes for non-removable covers


  • highly comfortable thermal and moisture management
  • novel hydrophilic | hydrophobic hybrid effects (double face)
  • super soft and supple handle effects

  • contribution to health protection through highly durable anti-bacterial properties
  • effective finish against mites
  • durable hygiene and freshness


  • long-lasting aesthetic look through anti-pilling finish
  • effective anti-slip finish for mattress ticking
  • fresh fragrances
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