Just like nature

RACL offers a unique, patented system for the combined water repellent, oil repellent and soil repellent finish of textile. It uses self-orientation of star-shaped branched polymers (dendrimers), which allows the only complete fibre protection system to household wear and care.


RACL synthetises hyper-branched polymers which are capable of building crystal structures that produce wash and highly abrasion-resistant and water-repellent effects. The result of intensive R&D work is a patented product system based on the findings of a bionic system. By the use of star like branched polymers, water and oil-repellent effects with a simultaneously reduced fluorocarbon resin content can be obtained. Dendrimers have the ability to self-organise. Complex crystallisation processes which are triggered off after the application to textiles are very important. An invisible, water-repellent protective shield forms on the textile due to crystallisation, the orientation of dendrimers and the connection to the textile surface. Depending on the requirements, special additives cause an extension of the effects with regard to oil and soil-repellence, resistance to washing | dry cleaning and also to mechanical abrasion. Thus a complete product line of effect and process-optimised products arise from the dendrimer chemistry, which are marketed under the brand names RUCO-DRY®.

What is bionic? Where it is used?

Bionic means learning from nature. Technical applications which have been developed from bionic are used in the automotive, aircraft and construction industries.


  • imparts water and soil repellent effect on textiles
  • provides resistance to abrasion and wear
  • improves the sewability when making-up
  • offers high wear comfort of sports and outdoor jackets
  • possesses good breathability of textiles
  • develops effect after tumble drying after home laundry


  • uniform clothing
  • bed linens
  • trousers
  • technical yarns
mandatory fields